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my maytag dependable care dryer is dead?

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Model LDE9824ACE

given to me by someone who said it was working.
im wondering why it could be dead?
i tried the breaker its not that. i also check door switch which seems fine to me....what else can i do? also on the side there seem to be a wire caught, like someone opened it then closed it again and it got pinched there. it does not seem broken or anything tho/ could this be why? what to do? would like to fix myself....
i can put pictures if you like
(the wire that was pinched in the side seems fine...)

 here is a pic of a wire that seems odd..its has tape on it and seems to be undone?
what do you think ??

here is another pic of same wire

unplug they dryer, open the cabinet where the wire is and send a picture.


your fuse is located on the side of the heater element on this dryer.

That heater is located in what we call a mailbox. It is a round cylinder.
Located on the bottom under the drum.

I suggest you check eack of the safetys for continuity. If any of them are open it either won't heat or run.

ok i was told the outlet for dryer is only getting 110v not the 220 it needs so dryer wont work...he said thermal fuse had continuity.
im wondering if the outlet is bad why did my old dryer (a lady kenmore) work just fine?

the outlet may have a loose connection that worked until the old dryer was disconnected (or the breaker is bad)


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