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whirlpool side by side isnt blowing cold


My whirlpool side by side is getting very warm.  Ive taken everything out of the freezer, and the refrigerator side is getting warm, there is air blowing in both sides, but it isnt very cold

Model ed22lfxhw02

2 quick questions:

1. Is the compressor running in back? (remove rear cover and check)
2. Is the fan running  next to the compressor?

The fan is running, as for the compressor, it is quite warm, and silent, so im assuming it isnt running?

also, when plugging the fridge in, i didnt hear any sounds exept the fan starting

Get that relay off the compressor and test it. Here is a link to the exact relay you need if it is indeed the relay:
If that relay smells burnt or has a burnt place on it or sounds like a salt shaker it is bad.


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