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Easly off balanced now.

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OK guys.. This washer has been working great. But the other day I heard a pop, or crack. Some type of noise that sounded like something broke. I first thought it was one of the springs on the basket because it started shacking more then normal. It's not that bad, but it is loader and when I open it the basket is moving around side to side a lot. The hole washer isn't shacking as bad as the GE I had before, but worse then it's been.  The wife was just washing some jeans and asked if it was always going to be this load now. I moved one of the jeans a little and it helped. But I'm wondering what could have broke. I took the case off and all the springs at the base (4 of them) are still there.


Model LSR7233EQ0

There's more to the tub stabilization than just the springs. You may have a broken tub support or the skate plate may be missing some of the snubber pads. See the following diagram :

I have seen the skate plate get out of alignment and cause this problem as well.  Usually from an overload or as RP points out, one of the snubbers...

The pads are fairly cheap HERE

"skate plate may be missing some of the snubber pads"

I'm a little lost.


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