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Dishwasher dead - The mouse did it!!


Complaint: Dishwasher does not fill with water or run.

This was a easy one to find the trouble with. Once I removed the panel on the bottom of the dishwasher I seen the trouble, a mouse!

Can you see the mouse? The mouse that is stuck in the hole with his legs in the air.  :2funny:

The power cord comes through that same hole and the mouse chewed through power cord.

I replaced the cord with a new one and everthing worked again. Also notice how this dishwasher was plumbed. This is not the correct way to connect a water line to a dishwasher.

That is great.  The poor guy never had any idea what was about to come over him.  If he was smart, he would have read the tech sheet first. 

Anyone that has had a mouse problem needs to check under the dishwasher.  The cabinet they are in often has plenty of access to the outside for curious critters, and they are often warm and may even have small amounts of water for them.  So living conditions aren't really that bad.  One little mouse can cause big $$$ problems if they are able to get to far.   :wave:

haha :2funny: serves him right... he wasnt able to get too far from the trouble he caused you glad that the cause was only because the wire was chewed and nothing really major bout the dishwasher getting busted, or else it would have meant a lot of $$$ involved>.< O0

After chewing holes in the sump and drain hose, mighty mouse has chewed in to a nuclear disaster. Fried particular..anyone?


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