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Need help repairing. yes, a toaster.


ok, as part of our top to bottom remodel, we decided to use local construction building material recyclers. Partly to save costs, but primaarily brcause of the high quality of materials not to mention some of the really cool, one of kind retro items that make for some kick a** designs. Although it requires more work to refurbish and recondition many of the items, the end results have thus far been more than worth the extra effort. case in point, found a great vintage 60's/70's Stainless Steel Built in the wall toaster. Other than a plaque that says "Swanson" and some small stamped letters on the inside which says " S.C. Elec. USA, 1550 Watts, 120 Volts" there is no information. All 4 slots work to varying degrees except one, which only toasts bread on one side. I've disassembled  most of it body and discovered a couple of broken elements which I am told one can silver solder if very careful. I plan on rewiring the power leads, etc and I am comfortable doing that. My only concern are the elements themselves. I would like to rewire them as well, but not sure about the material used. At the very least, every thing inside needs to be thoroughly cleaned. What would be the best material and method to use to clean the dirt, light grease and light rust, particularly around the elements themselves and ids it possible to get the correct materials to just rewire the elements themselves. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Not that I'm familiar with these wall toasters, I found several bits of info on these, made circa 1966. If you do a Google search you'll find the same thing, among which is this link to the patent:

Only a small appliance repair shop can help you with the overhaul...we deal with major appliances which have current repair info available only, sorry.

Post some pictures of it. Does the element use nicron ribbon or wire. If so what is the thickness. It would be better if I saw a few pictures yes I am old as dirt.


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