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Frigidaire Top-Load washer agitates, drains, but doesn't spin

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I have a Frigidaire top-load washer FWX6971EW2, and (1) clothes come out wet, (2) it smells like burned rubber. I opened it up and replaced the belt - the old one was badly worn. The machine is level - it should be OK and spin ! It agitates fine, but when it reaches the spin cycle, only the motor spins - the belt doesn't budge.
What do I look at next ?

  - Karl

Their are 2 springs a short fat one and a long skinny one on the idler.

The idler seems fine as far as I can tell - the belt is under tension.
Maybe I have not understood the principle - it seems that the motor turning one way should agitate the agitator, and turning the other way should spin - is this correct ?
The pulley seems to only be turnable one way, agitating the agitator, even if I stop in the "spin" cycle, put slack in the belt and try to turn the pulley by hand...

if you can not turn the trans pulley both ways by hand...
1) transmission is defective or siezed in the tub bearing
2) you have a foreign object(screw etc) in one of the holes of the tub stopping the tub from spinning

Thanks ! That was really helpful. I hadn't thought about turning the tub. The tub did turn, which rules out objects in the drain-holes of the tub, at least a little. I sprayed liquid wrench at the gap between the bottom transmission housing and the bearing. The pulley now can be turned by hand in "spin"-direction - with some grinding sound.
A new transmission assembly costs almost as much as a new washer, after the PG&E discount...


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