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Has anyone ever heard of

I first seen the site myself last night after clicking on one of our new members profiles and seeing the link included in his profile information.

My first thought was, another spammer.

Then I started doing some checking around online and thought this guy looks like he maybe ok.

After all he has been registered as a member of our site for hours and has yet to spam our boards, lol..

So the next thing I did was send them a email asking a bit about there site,

I got a nice reply back from Bruce explaining some information about there site. I have invited Bruce to post a reply to this topic so he can let our members know about their site and the service they provide.

Hello AJ,

Bruce here, at

I appreciate your interest in our website. We have been repairing control boards for techs locally in the Austin area and recently have brought our business to the internet.

What we offer to our customers is a control board repair service that lowers appliance repair costs. More importantly, we can often save the customer from having to replace an expensive oven if the control board has failed after being discontinued by the manufacturer, as an example.

We are very focused on root cause analysis and full functional testing after repair. As a result, we often help diagnose the symptoms to predetermine if the fault is likely due to a control board problem. Also, we try to flag cases where nature of the board failure may indicate additional problems (shorted wax motor in a front loader, for example).

I hope we will be able to add useful content to your forum.

Best Regards,

Al Capone:
Hi Bruce,

Welcome to

That is a very interesting service you provide. It looks like it could be really helpful and we are all about being helpful around here.  O0

Welcome to Bruce,

I like your website and the service you provide. Wish I had the knowledge to repair boards like you do.

With all the electronic boards being used in appliances you should have a very secure job there for a long time. :)

We look forward to hearing from you and our members about your services.

Thanks for taking the time to register and becoming a active member of our community.  O0

Welcome Bruce.
What is your turn-a-round time on a board repair.


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