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Frigidaire laundry center, Washer spins but does not drain

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Al Capone:
I have updated the topic to include the model number information.

Thanks for posting your questions ohara.

If you have no voltage to the water pump during the drain cycle then you need to trace it back to find out were you lose it.

Did you find the wiring diagram inside the washer?

Trace the wires back from the water pump, should go to the lid switch and then the timer.

You may simply have a bad lid switch.

Does the washer run in the spin cycle?

Some other information ohara sent me via a PM.

--- Quote ---Have a Frigidaire laundry center. the problem is that the water does not drain when in the rinse cycle. The drum spins and goes through it cycle and than turns off normally. I have check the pump by putting 110 power to it and it runs. Also there are no kinks or blockage in the hose. Any help in testing anything to see what the problem is.
--- End quote ---


I don't mind the PM, but it will be easier and helpful to others if all your questions and our answers get posted here in the forums, thanks.

When you put power to the pump does it start pumping the water out of the washer?


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