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Model 66512694. Keeps tripping breaker. Had electrician switch to different breaker and still the same problem. Took back panel off and I have no broken or burnt wires. No arch marks. Checked parts and all are fine. Continuity through element and have taken element out and looked at it and it seems fine. It runs for 8-10 minutes then trips breaker. Link is all clean and no blockage in hose. even tan with vent hose off and does the same. Any help, please?

Looks like a whirlpool made model 110.66512694

How does the motor sound when you start it?
Does it sound a little growly until it gets going?

Do you have to hold the start button a second or two longer then you use to for it to start?

What size breaker you have it on?

The electrician should have been able to put a amp meter on the dryer to let you know if it was drawing to many amps or if it was really a bad breaker.

The motor sounds normal like it always did and do not have to hold on the start button any more than before. All seems normal at the dryer. will check the wire size and breaker but nothing has been changed there. Dryer just started doing this.

The only things I have seen on electric dryers that trip breakers are bad motor and wires that burnt off and shorted to ground.

You don't have anything else running on the same breaker that the dryer is on, right?

Any update on this one?


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