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Is this good Material to use as a Troubleshooter?

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Red has a pretty good website. I think he put a lot into it. Here in the appliancejunkalicios website some of us techs have a little globe below our picture. That is a link to our websites. Right there beside the envelope fer email and the IM icon. Repairman has the best one I recon.Reggie has one with a lot of manuals to link to If i could figure out how:D. I don't know why Jumpy ain't got one, maybe he don't drink and I respect that. Mine is a bit more primitive but written in common words anybody can understand. Take a look if you wish. The beer icon is a way to tip us in here also. So if we help you make some money fixing stuff you gets ta buy us the next round my friend. :D

JWWebster and Jumpingtrout once again thank you guys.The Support has been pretty Tremendous!JWWebster thank you for the other Replies,you are without a doubt a fine Gentlemen!


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