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Need repair help with my Frigidaire range

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Raul g:

Basically my problem with this Frigidaire GLEF378ABF range started about 2 years ago when a rodent somehow got in the interior of the range (yeah gross I know) and apparently got electrocuted behind the control board.

Its intermittingly lost power to the burners & oven where the clock will reset and go blank. If you turn on one of the burners, the power will come back on and may work properly for 1 hour or 10 seconds before resetting. Anywho, tonight it apparently went dead, the lights come on when you turn on the burners and/or oven but neither heats up. There are no error codes displayed.

I am guessing what I need is the Control Board, If so, do I need the overlay part as well? Any help is appreciated, guessing something has shorted in the control panel that needs to be replaced, not repairable?

I have taken the rear panel off but see no obvious sign of a short or burn marks. I have a DMM if there is something to test for.



I would check all of the wires before ordering a control board

I agree with JW. Sounds like your most recent problem is incoming power. Verify 220 volts to the terminal board power hook up. Then trace power to components. Board,surface switches etc.

Raul g:
Thanks for the replies. Ok, I got my DMM out and did some tracing, here is what I have so far, let me know if there is anything else I need to test for.

When the range is plugged into the 220v plug but no burner/oven is on:

*Red terminal has 120v, black terminal = 0v at power hook up
*The control board has 3 terminals, Bake, Broil & L1.  Bake & Broil have 120v, L1 = 0
*All heating elements of oven have 120v.
*All infinite switches for range burner controls have 120v at red wire, 0v at black.

When I turn on the burners or oven:

*Red & black power hook up terminals have 120v each
*L1 input on control board has 120 v
*Infinite switches all have 120v at red wire, 120v at black when turned on.

I can post pics of the board or if there is anything else you think I need to check please advise.

Thanks again

Read from red to black at the terminal block. You must read 220 volts at this point to proceed.
If I interpret your description correctly,you only have 120 volt supply to the range.
That is why your indicator light is on and nothing else.
If you do not have 220v at the terminal block,correct your house wiring.


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