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Here's what a Local Independent Appliance Service Shop Provides.

First month
 Full-time training with an ApplianceMaster Technician
Review/complete all orientation material
Prepare service vehicle with inventory
Prepare basic tools
Complete first service call

 Second and third month
 Part-time training with ApplianceMaster Technician
Perform service calls 2-3 days per week

 Fourth to twelfth month
 Field training limited to specific repairs as needed

 1st year review
 Assess achievement of all criteria needed for technician status
Assign a permanent territory
Pass technician exam
Obtain EPA refrigeration certification

Now look you: hang in there. You are low on the totem pole. Keep yer mouth shut and pay attention. They are gonna use ya but they are gonna teach ya. And hell maybe if you keep checking in with the posse here at appliancejunkaliciousness then you might just jump ahead of them. Listen to them teachers. We got yer back.


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