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Fridge warm, both sides, kickplate releasing cold air

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Hello, I have a 3 year old Frigidaire PLHS37EESB7 side by side fridge that is not cold at all on either side.  I've taken out the defrost thermostat and put it in my neighbor's freezer for about an hour and tested for continuity and it seems to have a working closed circuit (also tested it when it was at room temperature and it showed no continuity so that was ok too).  I've also tested the defrost heater for continuity and it seems to be working great.  Also no frost build up on the coils inside fridge.  All fans seem to be running like normal too.  One thing thing I noticed that was not normal (I think..) was that there were cold air being blown out from under the fridge.  If I remember correctly, there is normally warm air being blown out, not cold.  I'm not too sure why it's doing this but would a refrigerant gas leak be the culprit?  Or even low refrigerant gas?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks. :o

On a side note: I've spent over 500 bucks on repairs for this fridge over the past 3 years since I've owned it.  I HATE IT!!

Macaroni I can just about tell you spot on what your main malfunction is on this here machine Kimosabe: Seen it . The drain pan on bottom has a copper tubing submerged into it. The damn pipe gets corrosion and developes a leak in that water collector. I have fixed em by sanding down the area and givn em a touch of silver solder and recharging um ain't nothin. Good ice box. Bad coolant design  :rofl:

The "cold air being blown out from under the fridge" is because
the Condenser Coils aren't warm
(transfers heat from Freezer Evaporator to Condenser),

caused by either:

1) Compressor not running ?

2) Compressor runs "forever" (Sealed System leak)

One more thang. Raise the copper out that pond after ye fix dat leak so it will die all by itself and without the help of a bath into H2O HELL. :2funny: Leaky pipe , just tip the frig over and remove the bottom pan, look for green shiites. ;D

$500 bucks spent so far. Throw in a few more and replace the start relay on the compressor.


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