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Advice on becoming a Appliance Technician.

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Hello All!AJ I love the Forum,it is very Informative and I know I will be living on the Site doing Research LOL.

My Name is Mike and I'm from New Jersey.I am a Furniture Repair Technician but have recently gotten a Interest in the Career.I just have a few Questions I hope some could help me out with.

1.Is it possible to gain Certification from getting Reading Material available through Book Stores,Online Video's,Manuals and Site's like Uncle Harry's Appliance Repair.My plan on this is to Read as much Material possible and watch Video's of Disassembly and Repair.The Company I Work for Sells all the needed Appliances, I can get broken or old Appliances being replaced and use them as a Tool to gain experience from.

Basically is it possible to become a Competent Service Tech by taking my time and studying Material to understand Function and Repair of Appliances?

It's a good career choice in my opinion :)

Who taught you grammar, by the way ?

This is an excellent site to check in with techs on repairs. You have came to the right spot.  I am old school. I learn everyday on this site. Lots of  guys will be glad to assist you. I know a little myself. You have picked a great time to become a tech. The newer machines need computer boards and require a better repairman than back in the day. You dang near have to be a TV man. This is THE site to go to. We have tons of good posts on here, feel free to ask away.  Welcome  O0

I never Claimed to be a English professor lol.

Hey Mike...I was just jabbin atcha a offense intended, pal. I think your English is spot on, it's just that only the German people tend to capitalize ever common noun, not just the proper nouns as we do in America.  It looks funny to see everyday words with capital letters, thats I've had a few Tito's and cranberry this afternoon, so everthing looks a little odd to me anyhow :)

Good luck on your career choice.



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