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GE washer - Help with Hub nut


Finished replacing the transmission on a newer style GE washer - model WPSE4200.
After running the washer a few times, found an inbalance on the spin cycle, the tub was rocking around quite a bit. After removing the agitator and bell coupling, found the hub nut was loose.

How much should I tighten the hub nut ? On reinstalling the trans., I used channel lock pliers to tighten the hub nut.

To do it correctly, you need a spanner wrench.  Once I hand tighten the nut, I will use the wrench and a mallet to make sure it is tight.  If it isn't tight, the hub will eventually be damaged.  The wrenches are available from most parts suppliers. 

this one ?
Spanner Nut Wrench - For Whirlpool/Kenmore, General Electric and Maytag inner tub lock nuts
click on picture

Bump it tight with a ballpean and a long screwdriver. Heck with buy a spanner. The spanner would be worth more than that washer. Did you chck the bungies on that sad dude?

Just a follow-up on my first time washer repair.
I went and picked up a spanner wrench - which I may only use once.
Before using the wrench, took the basket out to check out the new noise. With the loose nut, the "plastic" basket was a little worn from rubbing the plastic tub.
Lucky that the new Trans. shaft and tub hub not chewed up. All bungies intact.

Washer back in service, for how long ???
Thanks for everyone's replies.


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