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Author Topic: Maytag Performa (I think) motor wiring  (Read 8899 times)

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Re: Maytag Performa (I think) motor wiring
« Reply #10 on: August 19, 2009, 07:35:08 AM »

If there is no black, use the White wire instead as shown in the diagram above.

Using a motor with open windings like this is hazardous for home projects. This type of motor, while useful for some applications, should never be used outside. Exposure to the elements, including normal morning dew, will make it an electrical accident waiting to happen. May not be the best thing to use for your Halloween display. You have inquisitive children to consider.  Just my opinion...

You'e absolutely 100% correct. I am building an insulated housing around the motor (for environmental protection), I've converted my outdoor outlets to GFI and all the moving parts/electrical connections are oriented away from traffic to the front door, plus it can only be powered up by an indoor switch located at the front door it can't be powered up without me there.

Thats a very valid concern though!

Offline rocketmanallen

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Re: Maytag Performa (I think) motor wiring
« Reply #11 on: August 21, 2009, 06:29:30 PM »
Got it Guy's!!! She runs like sewing machine!!! I especially want to thank "Repair-Man"! Thanks for the ALL the help. You are a righteous dude! SAFETY FIRST! (Don't stop reminding people about that).

RegUs_Patoff, thanks for the tech. skillz! You rock!

If I get this monstrosity working, I'll send you guys a You-tube link of it.

All my thanks,


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