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kenmore dryer 110.7XXXXXX dryer for long time

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I just bought a 6year ago model Kenmore dryer 110.7XXXXXX( sorry, can not get full model from the tag). It should be made by Whirlpool. It has been in the storage for a long time. Have not been used. So I call it 6-year new dryer.

I am silly, want cheap and new. But now I get in trouble and have to fix it.

Here is what happen:

Dryer is rolling and heat up. But I do not feel it is really really hot. It took three 40min run for one load, but cloth still not dry.
Possible cause:
1. internal vent: I check the filter and inside vent tunnel via Filter port. They are clean.
2. heater element fail:  I don't know how to check it, Since it is "6 year new" dryer. I like to trust this dryer.
3. Thermal element: I don't know how to check it.
4. Gas line problem:  this is 20-year old house. There is gas valve at end of gas line in laundry room. I had gas company coming in to check. They told me gas line is fine, because my heater and cooking stove are working fine. But indeed, they also told me that kind gas valve has a protection for overheat.  I need to turn it and reset it. My question is:
Can old gas valve fail? Have anyone see the gas line clog, and there is no enough gas to the dryer? How to test it? Can old gas valve fail?

5. Ventilation line. I just read a couple thread here, I will check my vent soon and see any block.

Is any other most possible cause for long heat time? I almost have to  buy a electrical dryer.

any suggestion, i would appreciate.

thanks :'(

If it was left 6 years without using and the gas valve was not taped over then moister may have gotten on the gas unit. They are very delicate. You need to just keep running it till it finally starts g :'( :2funny:oing from sitting up.

 Set the dryer on high heat, timed dry. Remove the lower panel and observe the gas flow. After the ignighter turns red you'll hear a click and the gas will ignite. See how long it stays on. Continue to watch how long before it turns back on. Does the igniter glow red, You'll hear a click and does the gas ignite?

 ;D   Thanks for JWWebster and redbeard's suggestion. I got big problem knocked off!!!!!!  ;D

I checked the gas coil, flame during the run. It seems they all work fine. Then I had to do what no one like to do during the winter - Climb on the roof. I found the ventilation of the dryer is not strong at all.

Open the vent on both side, use the electric fish tail and 10 fool long wood trim ( bought from Low's) to stick into the vent pipe. I can not believe that there is almost 4lbs laundry dust in the vent, almost block everything. 

After cleaning, run a soak towel in the dryer, after 30min, it is 95% dry.

Should I adjust flaming time to make dryer heat longer? how.


Dude their should be drying occuring if the vent is clear. set all clothe 8)s for heavy or regular and see if that speeds things up.


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