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LG Tromm Gas Dryer won't Heat

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Meter shows ~116 out the outlet/wall.

--- Quote from: lesguns on February 03, 2013, 10:42:41 PM ---what is your line voltage?

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I referenced the wrong page on "B". It is 6871EC1061C it seems - this is from the service manual:

--- Quote from: john63 on February 03, 2013, 11:11:25 PM ---Hmmm.

6871EC1061C has been discontinued.

Best thing is to call LG Parts Research---I'll post on Monday evening.

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It's still worth looking into...

A new/revised Main Board may have been introduced as a replacement---just not shown on LGs website yet (if ever).

The part number is correct (6871EC1061C) and is No Longer Available.

I'd contact

Fast turn around time.

 I have a similar question with my LG DLG0332 dryer
the dryer will not heat, if I reset the red reset button it works fine, dry ignites and stay on ,  then the next time we go to use it I have the reset the button again .

Is the fix to just change the thermostat with the red button


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