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Amana Gas oven won't reach full temp


The oven get a little warm, maybe 100 degrees, but no hotter than that. The gas burners work fine, LCD panel works, as do all indicator lights.

I'm pretty handy in general, but don't have any experience with appliances so am not familiar with the working parts. I'm hoping someone can help me walk through troubleshooting.


Model ARG7302

I haven't looked at them yet, but here's some manuals:

Amana Technical Manual

Amana Service Manual

PAGE 40:
the gas valve is in series with the ignitor.

if the ignitor is weak, it won't let the gas valve open,

it should measure 3.3 - 3.6 amps

turn your oven on and stick your head in it.
Look at your it so bright it might blind you like the sun? or is it mellow orange? mellow orange means weak non working glowthingy. If you had an ammeter you could measure the amp draw. The glow thingy has to have 3.5 amps to make the valve thingy sling out raw gas to ignite the burner. if the ignitor is weak then you can kick the stove or tap on the vave and she will light every time. So now you got yer choice. Repwace the ignitor or kick the stove. Hay I am cheap I been kicking mine for 15 yeas. But  then I know the secret. LOL
Never touch a hot glow bar to your tongue. weak or not.

Thanks guys, you were both right. Replaced the ignitor and it works like new.


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