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--- Quote ---No video, not sure there are here to stay, just a fad ,lol. I'm starting to sound like my Dad now.
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 Yeah, we all end up sounding like our dads sooner or later.. :)

It not all to hard to replace the bearing. If you decide to do a bearing job you will also need to put a new tub seal kit in it so it does not leak when your done.

These at the parts for that model washer that you would need.

--- Quote ---You are doing a great job on this site.
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Thanks, we want to get a lot of photos and video's put on.
It would be great if I had a video right now of what a bad maytag bearing sounds like. I could then just point you to the video and say does it sound like this?

The video camera goes with me everyplace now, so over time video's and photos will be added.

--- Quote ---Glad I found it.
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Me too,


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