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Maytag washing machine model A512 is noisey in agitaion/spin cycle. Works fine but noisey almost like a low rumble sound. Any ideas?

Hi jdman,

 That could be the tub bearings making the noise. With the washer off grab the top of the agitator and try to wiggle the top of it back and forth. Is there much play in the agitator when you do this?

You could also remove the front of the washer and see if it looks like there has been grease flung around inside the cabinet. If there is it's time to replace the tub bearings and seals.

How old is the washer?

I'm guessing it's 6-10 yrs. old. The washer and dryer given to me. Also on model plate is series 04 and serial #100093VG

ok, from looking at the diagram and seeing what style washer that maytag is I would say they are over ten years old for sure.

Let me know what you find when you try to wiggle the agitator back and forth.

There are a couple screw towards the bottom corners on the front. Remove them and lift the panel out from the bottom and you will be able to see inside.

I see no grease at all. The agitator has a litle play in it but not much. Don't know for sure how much is suppose to be but it does wiggle a little


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