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Voltage through ground.

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This is an old post...why are you trying to revive it? He apparently found the problem and failed  to report back, as is often the case.

Because the problem could be very serious indeed. Just think about what he said...

You wanna see old, go see your own reply to my question on the wax motor 8 months after it was posted!  8)

I'm not going to argue with you here, but JW revived the post with another comment that begged for an explanation.

Sorry about the length of time for this thread guys...I didn't fix the problem, but other problems in the house took priority. To answer shieldcracker's question: I read the voltage between the ground and neutral. incidently, I didn't notice this problem until after an AC company replaced my condenser unit, and installed a separate cut-off for it.

You have a serious grounding problem,if you are grounded at all.
As mentioned about underground utilities. If you have UG wiring the grounding rod could have pierced a hot lead. This would cause voltage to ground and neutral with the main off.
When the condensing unit was changed and a new disconnect installed,did they also install a ground rod?
Have you disconnected the main,then read voltage,then start turning off breakers to see when or if the voltage goes away?


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