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Good Morning,  

    The dryer spins but has not heat. The lint filter and its exhaust hose are both clean and free of lint. The model and serial numbers for the unit are as follows, Model # 110.87170100, Serial #F12201771. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Have a great day!

Basic checklist:

1.Can you read 120 volts at the gas ignitor ? (with unit running in heat cycle)

2.  Have you checked the thermal fuse with your OHM meter?

3. The thermostats must all show good continuity with your OHM meter.

4. If your ignitor lights up once or twice, then will not light, replace the gas valve coils.

Thanks for your help!

     I will check all of these but it may take me awhile since I don't have the repair manual for the unit but instead a generic repair manual. 

     I'll let you know how I make out.  Thanks again.



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