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KENMORE 417.44152400 won't enter spin cycle


This unit is 3 years old. It recently started to not enter the spin cycle. I have purchased a new unit ( brand ) since the failure due to numerous incorrect repair attempts by a local repair shop. So many infact they refused to keep coming out. Said they were losing money. So I am trying to repair to sell the matching set. I have ran the diagnostics in the manual and all is working how it should. In fact it spins like no body's business in diagnostic mode but won't during normal use. The error code is 4-3 as I understand it in the manual. This means control board problem. How can it operate as it should in diagnostic mode but not normal mode? Motor was replaced, door lock is working. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Model 417.44152400


--- Quote from: JS22 on August 02, 2009, 10:38:15 AM ---... Motor was replaced, door lock is working...
--- End quote ---
how do you know the Door Lock is working ?

Besides the mechanical lock, there are (2) Switches in the Door Lock.

Here's one test:

Lock the Door, unplug Washer from Wall Outlet,
try to open the Door ...

Does it unlock right away, or only after a few minutes ?

FRIGIDAIRE Door Lock Assembly, part number: AP4455026

At this time I cannot run the simple test as requested as I have taken the machine apart. Motor is out, control box is out and front control plate is off. I was trying to see if any connections were not in place. I can tell you that the machine performs as it should except for the spin cycle, it makes a humming noise from the motor when spin is supposed to take place. As for the door lock, while it is in operation it will not open until it is finished, or until you cancel the operation. I have also performed the diagnostic test in the manual which was taped on the inside of the unit, two of which tested the lock and unlock function. Both worked as the manual stated they should. I could put the machine back together and test again unless the above extra info steers the diagnosis in another direction. Thanks for any help!


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