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Removal of Control Panel Kenmore Washer


O.K. I have a Kenmore washer (made by Whirlpool) and for the life of me I can't figure out how to remove the two plastic end caps. I've looked inside and can see that each end cap has two clips securing the clips to the washer top. Do these just pry off? I'm afraid of breaking the tabs off or breaking the caps.
The waser has been runnin pretty good of late, wash and rinse are O.K. but at the end of the spin cycle there is a tremendous noise. Looking under the washer I notice a black powdery substance. Should I replace the brakes?


Model 11027711600

Under the control panel on newer models is a springclip on each side. use a putty knife and push bachward while raising up. Older models have screws in the rear on each side.
Check out these repair photos


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