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Dishwasher Not Heating Water

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I checked the spray arms for blocked holes, but they all appear to be completely open and clean.  
What filter are you referring to?  I'll readily give it a look.

I'm not familiar with this model but most d/w have a filter under the lower wash arm support . I would remove the lower arm and wash arm support or cover and see if there is a filter . If so clean it . If its plugged no water will get to the spray arms

You know how them commercials for maytag dishwasher are: The big guy puts a whole cake in the dishwasher and like magic the cake is all gone. Well that gives folks the impression that a dishwasher is a disposal. No need to scrape any dishes. I had a friend bring me his dishwasher full of shrimp shells can you imagine that?

I guess the next step is to give that filter a look.  I'll let you what I find.  Thanks, gents.

I tried removing the lower spray arm but I'll be damned if I know how.  It looks simple enough, but I can't budge the nut.  :embarassed:  Any hints?


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