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Did some more kicking around today, including just running the unit through its normal load.
Unfortunately, same old, same old.  Soap dish opens fine, but the soap isn't being hit with water.  Looking closely, I suspect that the top sprayer arm isn't working because the top rack dishes seemed to be relatively dry and certainly not cleaned.
If this is correct, is this repairable?  Thank you.

I have never even seen this machine but their was a thread last week about this same thang. Could not get the dang bottom arm off. I know I saw it.

JW, I don't think I need to tinker with the lower spray arm, after all.  See my post above.  The problem seems to be the upper arm.

Your water pressure is what the probo is. With the screen clogged the pump cannot get enough water up there to be effective.

The circulatory pump is compromised with a restricted water flow from a blocked food particle screen.


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