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kenmore 80 series shocking

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no problem with the dvom, its a fluke and well they don't fluke.  i have a cold water ground, when i had my service upgraded to a 200amp the brought the house up to code.  the pipes that the washer hoses are connected to are pvc, and i don't get shocked with any other faucet in the house.  i used a gfi tester and the plug is working properly.  i'm thinking of running a ground to the dryer that sits next to it, since i'm getting shocked by touching it anyway, but i don't like it.  there has to be a reason why this is happening and i don't really want to band-aid it.  i touched metal all over the place and to the ground prong on the plug.  good tone and less than 1 ohm resistance.  i traced the entire harness and found no fault or rubbed wires.  i have disconnected every switch and rechecked and i still get voltage from metal to ground.  it only happens with the switch on, the machine works perfectly.  no other problems.

with the washer plugged into the wall,
check voltage (on the un-used recepticle)
from the ground pin (round) of the outlet to each of the flat pins,

there should be voltage from the smaller flat pin (hot) to ground (round)

and there should be voltage from the smaller flat pin (hot) to the larger flat pin (neutral)

and there should be NO voltage from the larger flat pin (neutral) tp ground (round)

Look inside your circuit panel for a bare ground touching a hot wire. Also look inside the wall outlet for the same problem. Replace the wall outlet and try again.
Run a extension cord from a different circuit to the washer and do your voltage checks.

ok for all of those that are interested, the solution to the problem after i had taken everything apart is that on the gfi, they used the neutral as a ground. being that the house is wired for 2 wire except in certain places, i ran a ground wire from the dryer plug to the gfi ground.  it works perfectly.

We told you so.


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