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i have a kenmore 80 series top loader.  lately i have been getting shocked when i touch the washer and dryer.  i checked voltage from the washer frame to ground, and i get 123v.  i have checked the gfi that the washer is plugged into, and it is working properly.  any help on this would be appreciated.

Washer Frame should be connected to ground through the Green Wire of the Power Cord.

even if it wasn't grounded, the GFI would trip itself if the current through L1 (hot) doesn't equal the power through the Neutral return (it went somewhere else... through you)

ok, after taking the entire machine apart and pulling all the grounds and sanding them/cleaning them.  i am still getting 120vac from the back metal to ground.  to make things interesting, when i touch ground on the machine and touch the black rubber hose that brings water to the machine i get 120vac.  the hoses are not connected, but i assume that the cold water ground has something to do with it.  i found no loose wires, nor were they frayed.  i have ground at all points and tested each to the ground lug. i disconnected the plug wire just inside the cover and tested it.  i get voltage from the ground to the black hose.  i also get power at the black wire.  other than some black candles and some chalk to have a seance, any ideas?

the green ground inside your outlet must be bad (disconnected)

If you are reading power from metal to a rubber hose you have a really bad problem or a really bad VOM.
If you have an exposed metal cold water pipe, run a ground wire to the pipe from the machine and re-check your voltage.
If you still have a problem contact your utility company.


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