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Under the fugging kitchen sink...some more

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I gotta tell yall something percular about my mothers kitchen faucet. Yup I has been assigned to deal wif it. Their are no shut offs under the sink. My daddy built the house and lets just say he cut some corners.
A copper line goes into the faucet on both the hot and cold. The cold is fine but the hot line has come loose 3 or four times in the last few years. It happened today. The fitting is compression type. A small nut is on the faucet side and a bigger nut is on the line going in. Are any of you familiar with this type connection? What can I do to keep the line from backing out again? I got it back together and it is not leaking, I cannot help but think it is gonna back out again in the future. I am thinking I need some sort of compression sleeve?

What you need is a plumber and a kitchen sink.

go to the local hardware store, you can buy the short prefab braided stainless hoses with the connections you will need
think its 1/2 large and 3/8 small

buy a short enough one and it'll take the place of the fitting you have now, if i am picturing what you describe

however you are probably 12 beer ahead of me, so my brain might not be as cloudy as your eyes :P

I might look into that, thanks

3/8" X 1/2" Water supply-


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