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a few plumbing tips


after the other night i have a few tips for the DIY guys

1) mcdonalds toys will flush down, but they dont make it out the last bend in the toilet
2) those plastic mesh shower scrubbies also flush part way down the house sewr drain
3) when you snake a toilet with a mcdonalds toy inside it and hook onto a large piece of mesh plastic the snake does not come back out of the toilet
4) its not all that hard to remove a toilet from the floor
5) i sure am glad i took up appliance repair and not plumbing

lastly...  if a 2 year old comes out of the bathroom saying "toy go bye-bye" start drinking before going into the bathroom

I spent the majority of last friday plunging the main toilet in my house. I strongly suspect my 3 year old grand daughter. I cant prove it though.

Plumbers only have to remember 5 main things:

1. Hot goes on the left
2. Cold goes on the right
3. Water does not run uphill
4. Poop does not go around sharp corners
5. Never chew your fingernails.

water can run up hill


--- Quote from: ian ---water can run uphill
--- End quote ---

Not on it's own it can't  :)


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