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regnursepm99: I got a phone call from my mother in law this am and she needs some help with her dryer.  I didn't get the model number but I know it's a Kenmore Gas 70 series.

I am going to look at it on Wed when I return from the shore.  Here's what she said is "wrong"....for a while now she's been just unplugging it to turn it off because she said her dryer would just keep running.  She's been doing this for a few still worked fine otherwise.  Well she went to "turn it on" by plugging it in as she always does and it doesn't turn "on"...she said she hears clicking like it's cycling but the drum isn't turning....

I am going to troubleshoot it when I get home but I am looking for some ideas....any thoughts?

Model 110.76732500

Most likely a bad timer for not turning off. Now, for not turning on, probably the timer also. Check the door switch for continuity. Check the thermal cutout on the blower vent for continuity.If they are both OK,replace the timer.

 Looks like it's really cold in south Jersey.

Funny Major App....

Call her and have her open the dryer door and get the model number so these guys can get their mind on their bidness :)


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