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Kenmore Elite Dishwasher - No Power

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 This is my first post on this forum. Hello to all.

I had problems with noise from the motor a week ago and it finally died.  I bought a replacement pump/motor assembly which was installed yesterday.  I  reinstalled the dishwasher, turned on the power and ..... nothing !  No lights no sound, nothing.  I checked to make sure power (120V) is getting to the unit.  This afternoon, I also checked the door switch and the Thermal switch with an ohmmeter - both are OK.  What else can I check ?
Any help will be appreciated.

Model 665.16469300

The water level switch might be the problem. Just a guess. I think the unit will not run until water is in the tub so that the pump won't be damaged. Since the water level float switch is a micro switch which powers that motor that ain't already a happy camper. I hate dishwashers. Oh i can fix em. i just don't love messing with them. But since nobody else wanted to help I am gonna jump in there.

Mr. Fix-It:
Couldn't find a diagram of your model but I think the Kenmore Elite has a thermal fuse mounted on the control which is located under the inside door panel. When it seems like there is no power this is usually the culprit.

Al Capone:
Diagram of the control panel.

Mr. Fix-It:
Thanks Al that's it part #6 on the diagram.


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