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Amana sxs fridge. Evaporator fan motor won't run. Model ARS2667AW. Man. # Pars 2667awo. Ser.# 0101236349.
E-fan motor not getting 120 volts. I have no wiring diagram. I hooked a jumper wire to the brown wire lead at the motor and grounded to the fan mounting frame and the fan runs. without the jumper it does not run. I must be losing the neutral someplace.
The brown wire goes direct to the fan motor then thru the def. t-stat then to def. heater. Def Stat is good heater works too.
Yellow wire direct to fan motor carries 120v hot. Yellow wire terminates at fan motor.
Can you help me get this fridge running correctly.


--- Quote from: jumptrout51 on January 23, 2008, 12:42:52 PM --- ...Yellow wire direct to fan motor carries 120v hot...
--- End quote ---
the yellow wire to the fan motor is only 120v "hot" when the TEMP CNTRL is higher than fridge temperature (compressor would be running unless in defrost mode)

the E-fan motor (brown wire) gets its neutral thru the def t-stat and then thru the def heater.

try to jumper the brown wire to either side of those.

here's the ARS2667AW Tech Information

I could link you to the service manual if needed.

I get a file damaged,cannot be repaired message on the link. Please send whatever else info you have.

just worked for me, its a PDF file.

here's the ARS2667AW Service Manual

after you replaced the fan motor you know it will not run until the terminator gets down to freezing.


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