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Kenmore Dishwasher will not start washing


Our dishwasher (Model 665.16582200) locked up during washing.  Disassembled down to the food grinder and found a piece of plastic that had locked up the cutting blade.  Removed it and blade now turned freely.  Put all back together and tried to wash again, but this time would not go into the wash cycle.  Unit just hummed at the wash point.

At this point we did the motor diagnostics.  Info stated there are 2 circuits in the motor, the run winding 3.5 ohms and the aux winding 6.25 ohms.   The motor has 3 wires, Red/Black, Blue and Green.   I cannot tell which wires are for which circuit.  But the Red-Blue pair shows 10.2 ohms and the Red-Green pair shows 0 ohms.  Tested the motor capacitor and it had continuity (could not test the actual capacitance though).  I tried applying voltage to the Red-Blue pair and the motor just hummed but did not move.

I am assuming the motor is burned out, but would like some verification before spending several hundred dollars on a new one.

Thanks for the input.

The 10.2 Ω would be the combined seres resistance of
the 3.7 Ω Run Winding & the 6.25 Ω Start Winding.

The Capacitor shouldn't have continuity.

Whirlpool Kenmore 665.16582200 Tech Sheets

Wire colors may vary, but should be able to figure them out by resistance measurements, Capacitor placement, etc...

Well it turns out the capacitor was ok and the motor was ok.  When the food grinder locked up because of the plastic debris it forced the impeller tighter on the motor shaft (it screws on).  It was actually forced on so tight that it bound up against the housing.  Discovered this as we were trying to take the motor apart.  Once it was release by about a quarter turn everything then turned freely and applying power made it run ok.  We did find that one of the motor bearings is going out, so will replace the motor anyway.


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