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Need help with opening range top for gas stove to replace burner valve.


Hello, I turned the knob to hard and it snapped the stem from the burner valve hence I need to replace the burner valve.  I believe this is the part I need:

However I am having trouble figuring out how to access the broken valve and more specifically what steps will be needed to taken afterwards.  I am not sure if I need to unscrew all of the sealed burner units or where the other screws are to open the top of the stove.

Model Number: GS465LEKS1

is that the RF valve ?

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In picture #2 you see the two screws holding the burner on, you'll have to remove all four burners and the top will come up and you can access the valve.

Don't try and raise the top with out removing those screws! You will break the aluminum lines on the front burners! OOPS! Those dang screws are hard to get out. some of them strip out or rust badly or have so much grease on them they just wont budge. Here is what I do in stubborn cases like that. I drill out the screws with a 1/8th inch bit. I replace the defective parts and When I put it back together I use 1/8th inch pop rivets to hold the burners back in place. this works well. O0


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