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your give away contests are nice for the DIY but what about the TECH's?
Lets do a contest that rewards them= the best of the best.
I'm a chartered member and not against spending my money for good advice.
I'm willing to donate via PAY PAL $10 and hopefully the other DIY are willing to do the same to reward the TECH with the best track record, who is he? who has been the most helpfull?
JW, jumptrout, whirlpool tech, repairman..yeah who just to name a few).
if we can get 20-30 DIY to donate its a nice reward of $200-300 dollar gift card for the best tech.

While it is nice to be recognized, my reward comes from helping someone else help themselves.
Everytime I get a new karma I perk right up knowing someone was satisfied.


--- Quote ---reward the TECH with the best track record
--- End quote ---

How would that be decided and by who?

It's a nice thought, but to reward one person and call them the best because of someone personal opinion is not a good idea.

Technicians have the option to put there paypal info in there profile so the beer mug shows up under there username. This way other members can reward them as they see fit by making a paypal donation to the technicians personal paypal account.

Al Capone:

--- Quote ---your give away contests are nice for the DIY but what about the TECH's?
--- End quote ---

Anyone can enter AJ's random giveaways including the technicians.

I know that AJ did do something at one time for the technicians using the money that was donated through charter memberships and other site donations.

From what I recall there were hard feelings at that time because of the technician the money went to.

Some technicians are more active on the forums then other, but all technicians are very helpful.

It's a nice thought but I think it would be hard to do without being fair to everyone that helps out here.

my father had a electrical business and when his customers asked for advice on  appliance repair , as a young man i would be the one he sent on a "FIX".
i remember replacing a "WIG_WAG or a drive belt (drop the trans thread the belt through the SPACER and what a nightmare.)
i did not want to be DISREPECTFULL.
I withdraw my suggestion.


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