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Frigidaire Dishwasher won't start (lights cycle but no water/motor)


 Our Frigidaire FDB1050REB2 dishwasher is 1.25 years old and already not working (grrr!). When it is turned on, the lights cycle through like a normal wash cycle, but the motor isn't engaged nor does any water cycle through. This happened about a month ago and I took everything apart to make sure all of the connections were secure and it started working again...not this time. Any ideas?

Also, the dishwasher is connected to a light switch...which I find very odd, but it's been helpful in keeping my 18 month old's fingers from starting the dishwasher every 10 minutes! Could this have caused the problem? Is it okay to turn on and off the dishwasher in this fashion?

Thanks in advance for your help!

If the dishwasher does not fill with water open the door and look at the float.
The float is located inside the dishwasher in the front left corner.

There maybe something stuck under it holding it up or it may just be stuck up from soap and water deposit build up.

You should be able to take a hold of the float with your hand and slide it up and down.

After you make sure nothing is caught under the float and you move it up and down with your hand try it again.

btw: the float needs to be down for the dishwasher to work.

Thanks for the tip...but it didn't work!  The float moved freely and we left it in the down position and tried again...and it still didn't start. 

Any other ideas?  (or if you need more details, let me know!)

Thanks again!

either the door latch or the control module can cause what you describe

try the unit on different settings cause sometimes the control will stop functioning in the cycle that is always used but still work in other cycles(if so you need the control)

also give an extra lil push on the door when trying the machine to ensure the latch is closing

after this you will need to get a meter to test the door latch, if the switches in the door latch test good, you need a control

here is a link to your service manual, near the end of it is the mini-manual which gives a quick explanation of components and instructions on how to run the quick service test


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