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Kenmore Model 70 stoped working during the wash cycle

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Our washer started making a grinding sound and stopped working just before the rinse cycle. What kind of troubleshooting can i do to try and diagnose the problem?

Model 110.20712990

Al Capone:

What is the full model number of your washer?

The model number can be found on the model/serial number tag that is located on the washer.

70 is not the model number as it should be three digits a dot and then eight more digits.
Something like XXX.xxxxxxxx

110.20712990 Model
CK 1501795 Series

Al Capone:
I updated the topic to include the correct model number information, thanks.

Your washer uses only cold water for the rinse cycle.

Once your washer gets to the rinse cycle it will not advance until it is full of cold water.

The washer is not getting cold water because the water valve screen is plugged or the water valve itself is bad.

Unplug the washer.
Turn the water to the washer off.
Then remove the cold water fill hose from the back of the washer.
Next look inside the water valve were you just removed the hose.
There is a stainless steel screen in there. If it's dirty clean it out and try the washer again.

If the screen is clean or missing then you will need to replace the water inlet valve. Don't worry it's a cheap part that is easy to replace yourself.

I looked up the water valve for your washer and it's part number: 285805

You can order one online at this URL.


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