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Frigidaire PLD4555RFC0 dishwasher. I am getting an error code that is "er" followed by "ou" which I have been told is a dryer vent problem.  How is is this repaired?

"er'= Expensive Repair
"ou"= Often underappreciated"  :)

Be on the lookout for a blower/vent assembly, part # 5304467317

Okay but is there anything else I can check?  What would be wrong with this part?  Do they go out often?

They go out often enough to be somewhat scarce right now...there's no need to do any further checking, as the control is designed to give you those error codes for a reason. When a technician sees those in the field, he knows right where the problem is.  If you have any diagnostic issues, you'll find the dishwasher manual here.

Okay.  Are these dishwashers worth repairing?  Are they considered good quality?


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