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frigdaire stackable frontloader lights all lights light up no nothing

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girlfriends Frigidaire FTFB4000FS1 washer wont wash.. hard boot worked for a while. now same thing. logic tree? troubleshooting ? any help appreciated.

do the lights flash?
first thing to check is to make sure the child lock has not been activated... press and hold options and select button at the same time, hold for about 10 seconds

inside the machine is the mini-manual, it lists test procedures for common problems

is the tub full of water?
if you select drain/spin will the machine do anything?

my girlfriends daughter is with the machine she will be your eyes.

This is the girlfriend's daughter..
I tried holding down the select and options buttons for 10 seconds and the lights flashed when the ten seconds were up. It didn't do anything other than what it usually does (the high, extra spin, cycle signal, wash, rinse, final spin, and a flashing start were all lit when pause/cancel was pressed).

It is not full of water.
Whenever I press spin it will just change to the choices high, medium, low, or no spin. That's all.

what if you turn the cycle knob to the drain/spin cycle and try to start the machine there?


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