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new to site and need help-added info.....


am I allowed to there a repairman in the group from grottoes,va? or nearby there? I need help, can't do the work myself, and want to know if there's anyone out there willing to help me fix my washer. It's a whirlpool w/d stacked combo. It will fill,wash (agitates fine), but then will not drain. I took the back off, found the hose and I drained it by gushed out, so I doubt the hose is clogged. But after reading lots of stuff on this website, I'm sure I am incapable of doing anything further, so I need someone to help me. When it gets to the point where it is supposed to drain, I can't hear any sound at all. so I have no clue if that means the timer or the pump is bad...or some other problem.So  if there is anyone out there willing to give me some "hands on" help with this, I'd really appreciate it.
  In a reply, someone asked if it would spin.No, it won't. I was informed that it won't spin if it's full of water  (duh, why didn't I think of that). so I emptied it by hand and advanced it to the spin cycle...nothing! Not a sound, not a movement. does that help narrow down the possible problems? Welcome more replies.

Model Number: LTE6234DQ2

does it spin ?

if yes, it could be a clogged / broken pump.

pump # 18 in this diagram
LTE6234DQ2 motor / pump diagram

yes, you could ask in the Whirlpool section.

they could at least give you an estimate of parts & possible labor charges.

Hi nursepjill

I moved this topic to the Whirlpool board for you.

if water gushes forth from hose I would say you do not have a blocked pump. I would say that the lid switch is probably bad. On these washers the lid has to be closed for the water to pump out. A strike located in the lid hits the switch arm and allows for spin. This is to keep you from reaching into the wildly spinning tub and rupping your arm off. check out this broken switch and below it is a good one

JW is correct.

nursepjill, you didn't mention in your original post that it does not spin or make any noise when trying to drain.

The main motor runs in reverse and "spins" the water out of the clothes and turns the pump that drains the water.


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