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Whirlpool Dishwasher - Dead!


Model Number: GU980SCGB0

Complaint: The dishwasher is dead. As if it was unplugged.

The first thing I did was try to start the dishwasher. It was dead alright. Nothing would light up on the controls and it made no sounds what so ever.

I used my volt meter to check for power to the dishwasher. There was 120 volts going to the dishwasher so that was ok.

Once I disconnected the power to the dishwasher I remove the the inner door panel so I could get to the thermal fuse that is located on the control board. I checked the fuse with my ohm meter and it was open, just like a bad fuse would be.

The kit you will get to replace this fuse come with some instructions and two new wires. Be sure to read the instructions and use the new wires that come with the new thermal fuse. The reason the fuse went bad to start with is because of the old wires that connected to it.

The old wires do not make a very good connection. A poor connection can cause heat and blow the thermal fuse.

Once I replaced the old thermal fuse and the two wires the dishwasher worked great!

Thermal Fuse


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