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Kenmore 70 Series Washer No Spin

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I have replaced the clutch, the basket drive and brake assembly and paid $60 for a professional to tell me it was the basket drive.  Still not working!   Do you guys have any diagrams or instructions you could email me?

Quick and simple...take the cabinet off and bypass the lid switch so it will go into spin if turned on. Set the timer to spin and observe the clutch and basket drive bands above the transmission. If the  clutch is turning, the problem lies in the brake or basket drive. If neither band is turning you need a new gearcase.

WHIRLPOOL Washer Neutral Drain Transmission Part # 3360629

At the top of the basket drive there are two metal notches pointing up.  What do they spline to?  I think that's my problem.  Plus, the basket itself is still sitting about an inch to low.  What holds this up that could be causing that problem?

got any pictures?


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