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Kenmore 70 Series Washer No Spin

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I have a Kenmore 70 series washer that does not spin.  What I know for sure is that the lid switch is ok, the coupler isn't broken, it does agitate, I took apart the center section and all looks ok.  The motor runs but just won't spin the basket.  I'm stumped on this one, any help please.

Model 11026732503

Mr. Fix-It:
It's either a bad clutch or a bad transmission. With the cover off jumper the lid switch put it on spin and observe the clutch if it spins and the basket doesn't it's the clutch, if it doesn't spin it's the tranny.

WHIRLPOOL Washer Clutch Assembly Part # 285785

WHIRLPOOL Neutral Drain Transmission Part # 3360629

Remove the coupling and look at it closely. I bet the endpiece that mounts on the tranny is wallowed out.

WHIRLPOOL Whirlpool Direct Drive Washer Motor Coupling Part # 285753A

Thanks guys, I did what you said and it seems that the clutch is to blame.  Have one in the mail and I will let you know.



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