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Error 11 on electrolux dishwasher?

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new install of a used dishwasher, EWDW6505GS0 i was told it worked but apparently not, the display works, all the buttons work, starts to fill with water when run, at the same time water start to run from the drain hose (seen through the clear accordian tubing) and after about 15 seconds it starts beeping and just reads "ERROR 11" on the display once opened. any ideas? does anyone know any troubleshooting or service manuals i can get my hands on? anyone know anyone that needs one of these for parts?

Mr. Fix-It:
You must have a loop of drain hose higher than the water level in the tub or the water just drains out.

You better hope it's just a drain height issue, cause they don't sell the drain pump parts no the seller never divulged that little tidbit.

thanks for the replies! bummer... i did have that loop higher then the water level. actually had it looped up going into the sink while 'troubleshooting' (head scratching) the thing. so i cant get that part anymore? any ideas of how i can bring this back to life? or test the drain pump? universal drain pump? anything?

thanks again.

Can ya jury rig this one?


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