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ED27DQXB01 Do I need to replace the ice maker?

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I have a whirlpool refrigerator that is around 12 years old.
The model number is ed27dqxbo1. It no longer makes ice.
I have checked the water valve and the freezer temp, all that is ok. There is frozen water sitting in the ice maker try, but it does not dump them out.

Do you think this sounds like a bad ice maker?
I just would like to make sure befor I order a new one.


Hi Galen,

 Yes you have a bad ice maker. You have already checked the water valve and it is getting water as the ice maker already has ice in it.
If the ice maker has ice in it, but it just won't dump it so it can make more then it's time to replace the ice maker.

Here is the Ice Maker for your model refrigerator.


I thought that is about all it could be, but I feel better about ordering it now that you say so too.

Thanks for looking the ice maker up for me. I used your link to order it. I don't have any parts dealers around here and order a lot of stuff online anyway. Seems like if I wait for the weekend to run around and look for this stuff I don't end up finding it half the time anyway.

May just as well order it online during the week and maybe have it by the weekend. :)

I will let you know how it goes. Hope to have the part soon.


Please do let us know, thanks..

The new ice maker did the trick. :)

Thank you,



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