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Ice Maker is not making ice

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Well, like the subject says - my ice maker isn't making ice.  I tried pressing the on switch for 15 seconds to manually cycle the ice maker, and the tines turned a full rotation.  I hear the solenoid humming from time to time, but I don't think water is flowing.  No problems with water through the door.  The filter is relatively new.

Some background... we were out of the house for a couple of months and I turned the water off at the main shutoff to the house during that time - so the icemaker was trying to make ice, but there was no water available to it.  Hopefully I didn't toast anything.  

This Frigidaire PLHS269ZDB9 refrigerator has been serviced twice since we bought it.  Once was to install an updated part on the bar that tells the icemaker that it's full.  We had an incident where a cube got jamed in the tines and prevented it to finish it's cycle, which held the water valve open... we had a nice stream of water flowing down the front of the refrigerator and onto the floor.  I'm glad I was home when it happened.  

The other service was for a defective control board behind the dispenser buttons.  I pressed the water dispenser and had a puff of smoke and lost the controls.  The tech. replaced the board with the defective transformer on it and a diode behind it... the defective diode caused water to come out of the dispenser when the ice maker was trying to fill.  

I doubt either of the prior services are related, but I thought I'd post them just in case.



After reading some other posts here I decided to check the water tube that feeds the ice maker for ice buildup.  I happened to start removing the ice maker during one of it's cycles and discovered that the heater on the bottom gets really hot.  I will have a nice blister on my middle finger for a few days - but the fun of explaining to the wife how it's possible to get burnt in a freezer made it worth it.

Anyhow, the tube was really frozen.  It took quite a bit of time defrosting it with a hair dryer and breaking it up with a dental pick. 

I guess my problem was that the ice maker was the only thing drawing water off of the residual pressure in my plumbing after I turned the water off to the house.  During the 10 week period that we weren't living here I would turn the water on once or twice a week when I visited to water plants, etc... so that repeated process made for one heck of an ice block.

In the future I will need to remember to turn the ice maker off when I leave the house and shut the water off.

After putting everything back together I cycled it and got water in the ice maker on the first try.  Hopefully I'll hear it dump it's first batch soon...



--- Quote ---After putting everything back together I cycled it and got water in the ice maker on the first try.  Hopefully I'll hear it dump it's first batch soon...
--- End quote ---

Sounds like you got it working.  O0

Let us know if it dumps ok now too.

Thanks for the update.

The bin is about half full this morning, so I think I'm good.





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