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Hi  our dryer stop working, it was working fine, then it started acting up, it will run and stop and start again. then it started doing this tick tick noise and  it all went out. I would like to know if it can be fix. thanks

Model me0610199

well if it runs then stops then starts up again all by it's lonesome that sounds to me like you have a stuck start switch.It is cheap enough to buy another one and try it. Give out the model number and I will look up the dryer and be able to give you a better idea of what is wrong. Or I could continue to be Houdini and try and guess whats wrong. If the fuse blew (that is the skinny white 2 wire thingy mounted on the rear of the blower housing near where the exhaust hole is) then it would not start back because these fuses melt. Since the dryer needs to have the button pushed to get it going (unless it is a wrinkleguard model) I would say it is the start switch. pictured is the fuse. I do not think that is the prob though.


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