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Author Topic: Kenmore washer 110.29842991 clicking in rinse cycle and light dim  (Read 303 times)

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Hi -
I have a Kenmore 80 series washer (Model 110.29842991) that just started a clicking sound at the middle of the rinse cycle.  The agitator was only turning small amounts at a time.  The motor was drawing enough current to dim the lights in the room.  The cycle was stopped at this point with the washer full of water and clothes.  I removed the clothes and turned the unit on with the same result.  I then turned the timer to spin.  The tub spun at full speed and drained the water.

I've taken the washer apart, but I have not been able to isolate the faulty component.

What I have observed:
 - The lid switch is working
 - The motor coupling is fine
 - The motor spins freely by hand both directions when not connected to anything
 - When I spin the transmission clockwise at the coupling by hand, the clutch disk spins.  This seems correct.
 - When I spin the transmission counter-clockwise at the coupling by hand, the clutch disk does not spin.  The shaft spins one way, pauses, then spins the other way.  This seems correct.

With the transmission and motor attached outside the washer, I reattached the wiring and bypassed the lid switch.  In the spin position, the motor starts and the clutch disk and shaft spin clockwise when looking down on the shaft.  The shaft can easily be stopped by hand.  When I start it with the dial in the middle of the rinse cycle, it does the same thing.  However, I think the motor should be turning the other direction and it should be in agitation mode.

I checked this also without the transmission.  In both the spin and middle of rinse positions, the shaft/coupling on the motor spin the same direction. 

Please let me know your suggestions on what to test next or if I missed something in what I've tried so far.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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